The AcerCraft Webstore sells a wide range of merchandise, including perks/kits/items and many other side-donation exclusives!
Our webstore aims to raise more money for AcerCraft and to give our players a wider range of exclusives available which can help both you and AcerCraft!

Donating via our webstore is 100% durable, instant and working with all packages, whether it be kits or items, everything here is scientifically proven to function to tip-top performance.

Afraid that you may not receive your goodie? Afraid that you may suddenly get raided when you just purchased your goodie? Do not be afraid when donating to AcerCraft. Our staff team is operated on a 'user anti-afraid' basis, this means you may donate manually at our site for a specific package and we will happily give it to you ASAP. Even if you have a complaint, or if you never received your item, we are more than ecstatic if you fill in a complaint form about our webstore on our forums.

- PayPal is the only payment option
- Must wait 2-5 minutes in-game to receive your goodie/s
- Make sure your inventory is not full if you are purchasing items
- Try not to get included in PvP, otherwise you may miss out on the goodie/s

AcerCraft;Buycraft TOS (Terms of Services)
By donating, ALL users accept and understand all these terms that apply to them:

1. Donations are non-refundable unless the owners approve it.
2. Anything in this webstore is liable to change at any time without prior notification.
3. You are still held responsible your own actions and consequences can still be upheld against you.
4. Revoking a payment will result in a termination of all valid accounts in AcerCraft.
5. AcerCraft is not held responsible for the loss of donations held within our webstore.
6. All donations are in Australian Dollars (AUD) and can only be processed through PayPal.
7. All complaints can be rejected and no refund may be given.
8. Paypal terms and conditions must be followed aswell as ours.
9. AcerCraft reserves the right to decline pending claims/refunds.
10. Owners of this webstore hold the greatest right, all claims will be held as non-applicable.